Golden Girl Of The West, o/c, 18x14"
Golden Girl Of The West, o/c, 18x14"
Titles from left to right:
Golden Girl of the West, o/c, 18x14"
Saturday Morning, o/c, 14x18"
School's Out, o/c, 14x18"
Sunday Afternoon Flirt, o/c, 18x14"
That Kind of Day, o/c, 18x14"
Buff Daddy, o/linen, 25x16"
Bag Lady, o/c, 18x14"
Nature Girl, o/c, 18x14"
Drum Circle, o/c, 14x11"
The Share, o/c, 15x14"
Hats 'n' Tatts, o/c, 14x14"
Jock 'n' Goth, o/c, 16x12"
Waitin', oil on board, 15x12"
Reclining Guy, oil on board, 11x14"
Companions, oil on board, 12x24" 
Sunning Guy, oil on board, 12x24"
Street Theatre, o/c, 18x14"
Townies, o/c, 16x13"