From left to right:
Camelia Girl , 12 x 9"
Street Drummer, 12 x 12"
Grace in Gardens (at Jerry's Garden Ctr), 12 x 12"
The Red Yoga Mat, 12 x 9"
PNW Lifters, 12 x 9"
The Art Show, 12 x 9"
Picnicker, 12 x 12"
Resting Athlete, 12 x 12"
Why Do They Call Me Pepper?, 12 x 9"
Summer Charmer, 12 x12"
Investigator, 12 x 12"
Morning Kit: Knapsack & Coffee, 12 x 9"  
Concentration, 8 x 10"
The Red Hat, 8 x 10"
Overalls, 8 x 10"

If you are interested in purchasing any of these paintings, it is very easy: E-mail me using the Contact link in the header at top of this page with the title of the painting for the price &/or any questions you might have. Once you decide to buy, a PayPal invoice will be generated. You can then send payment online by credit or debit card. PayPal will notify me when your payment has been received and at that point I will send out your painting. The paintings are packaged professionally and insured for the price of the work.